The food of the Ukraine

Usha Café self-describes its food as ‘homemade’. Now this is one of the most abused words in the Bali F & B scene [along with ‘organic’], as no one ever tells you in whose home it was made. However after eating at Usha many times I am certain that it is just like visiting a home in the Ukraine for a family meal. Nothing pretentious, no fancy presentation, just bowls of basic, good wholesome food, and at very budget prices. The surprise here was one of the simplest things on the menu, the Cottage Cheese Pancakes. Looking more like scones than pancakes these little delightful balls are topped with a strawberry slice [pictured] and served with a bowl of sweet jam full of berries for ladling on top. Usha Cafe is found between Lod Tunduh and Pengosekan, south of Ubud.