Very fine dining!

CasCades, was the original fine dining restaurant at Ubud’s luxury resort, The Viceroy. It was a mantle that has since been taken over by their incredible Aperitif restaurant. Now CasCades has been extensively renovated and re-opened as the Viceroy’s all-day restaurant for in house guests and discerning diners. The menu is a blend of international and local Indonesian cuisines, but still very fine dining. Scallops are grilled, with crackling sausage, and sweet corn in spinach sauce, The Foie Gras is a terrine with pickled beetroot, green apple and gingerbread crumble. Local style starters can be a turmeric coconut prawn curry with pickled watermelon or a classic Gado-Gado [vegetables, quail eggs, tofu, tempe, tomato, cabbage and beans drizzled with a peanut sauce. Your soup can be a Lobster Bisque or an Indonesian Sop Bobor [spinach and young coconut, salam leaf and galangal, topped with a lime coriander foam. Mains can be Beef Tenderloin with truffle dauphine and mushrooms, or Lobster, Barramundi or Lamb Rack. Local dishes such as Bebek Betutu or Pork Rendang are available. At the moment they also offer a Special Sunday ‘all you can eat’ BBQ Brunch that includes access to the swimming pool with a live band, special price and events for the children, an all in fun day