Traditional Japanese!

Ryoshi is known to all in Bali, their Seminyak location has been one of those long-lived institutions of high quality cheap dining for many years. Branches in Tuban, Sanur and Ubud do the same. Many places in Bali sell sushi and sashimi but no one even comes close to serving the thousands of individual portions that Ryoshi, do every day. To my mind one of the secrets of raw fish products must be freshness, that is where Ryoshi must have it over the rest. My favourite serve of sushi is their Pisang selection, 12 individual pieces for a total of $7, a fraction of what the cost would be back home in Australia….and fresh! Very popular also are their Maki Rolls, the Rainbow Maki is studded with a variety of seafood and cucumber, wrapped in seaweed and sushi rice. Their menu is very comprehensive but my latest discovery [even though the Japanese have been eating it for 1500 years] is Konnyaku Pirikira, the amazing Konnyaku is only eaten in Japan and is a jelly-like substance made from a potato which is, strangely, only native to Indonesia, and an extract from eggshells. This results is a substance that is low in calories, very rich in minerals and ‘through the roof’ in dietary fibre. As it is sautéed in chilli it also has a bit of fire that stays on your lips for some time after.

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