Texan Chilli Cook-off in Ubud

The Melting Pot in Padang Tegal, Ubud, is under Texan management and they are soon to play a popular Texan game…a Chilli Cook-off! To be held on Saturday, March 22, teams of up to six will compete in two different sections: Texan Division or Chilli con Carne Division? For the Texan you must use cubed meat [of any origin], whilst for the other division anything goes! Each team is provided with a work station, burner and gas bottle. The team provides all the ingredients they wish to use to produce their Chilli con Carne. The teams will also compete in showmanship. Costumes are traditionally used by chili cookers and many acts of lunacy ensue.  Showmanship is a separate category and only the cooking teams will be judged.Teams can be a mix of friends or the whole family [mum, dad and the kids]. It is said that they do funny things, down Texas way! If you fancy your chilli cooking skills, and like being crazy once in a while then give Greg a call at The Melting Pot [081.5768.9113]. Live entertainment and many crazy games, plus the chilli tasting, the fun starts at 12.00, midday.