Surviving the Pandemic!

Cafe des Artistes is a survivor. Once a lonely waring on a dead-end road on the outskirts of Ubud [Jln. Bisma] it has been a thriving restaurant now for many years. The secret has been reasonably priced comfort food, served with a smile. It has remained open during the pandemic, even though such action is not profitable, to keep faith with their staff and regular local customers. Many of the staff have been there for the 17 years of its existence, always a sure sign of good management. Whilst their steaks are easily the most popular dish ordered here my favourite has always been the Grilled Chicken Breast. It comes with a choice of sauces, for me the slightly spicy Provencale is always the best, and your choice of vegetables [mine a healthy broccoli and carrot – pictured]. Another regular attraction is their 100% perfect Thai Beef Salad, Yum Neua, a dish that is butchered all over Indonesia, as is its sibling Tom Yum Goong. Consistent quality and service with a smile, always a success!