Sarong @ Mamasan.

Mamasan continues to operate on Jln. Raya Kerobokan, just with a reduction in opening times. Lunch is served [12.00 to 3.30] and dinner [6.00 to 8.30]. Specials include one of Will Meyrick’s signature dishes from sibling, Sarong, Crispy Pork Belly [pictured] with Szechuan chilli salt, tamarillo and tamarind sauce. Another Sarong favourite is the Tuna betel leaf with lemongrass, green tomato, sambal matah and bumbu pasih . So you can enjoy a few Sarong specials even though Sarong is still closed due to the pandemic. Also on offer at Mamasan are  “Tongseng kambing” slow braised lamb wrapped in cabbage with tomato, lime leaf and chilli, served with sambal pedas, “Gai galai” half grilled chicken marinated in red curry paste slowly grilled over coconut husks and  Dutch Indonesian salted grouper kroket with chilli garlic aioli, which is a signature dish from another sibling, Ubud’s Hujan Locale. Sundays is Dim Sum Sundays at Mamasan. Not to be missed are the Vegetable samosas, Prawn siew mai, Pork & prawn spring rolls, Crispy chicken dumpling, Steamed prawn “har gow”, Crystal jade dumpling, Thai style curry puffs, Khanohm gai chaai” spinach and garlic chive dumpling and the “Hoi Cho” crab meat roll dumpling. Taste sensations that you will never forget.