Ristretto Ubud

Ristretto in Pengosekan has continued to provide the daily espressos to the many people who need one to survive every day, whilst so many cafes in that area have been closed during the pandemic. Ristretto, as well as being the name of this small hole-in-the-wall café, is actually Italian for ‘short shot’. It is a more concentrated espresso, the same amount of coffee beans but processed through a finer grind, using less than the usual amount of water. A regular double shot is generally considered to be around 14–18 grams of ground coffee extracted into 60 ml (2 fl oz or two shot glasses).Thus, a “double ristretto” consumes the same amount of coffee beans but fills only a single shot glass. The café Ristretto has suffered by the closing down of many of its suppliers but has soldiered on, now only offering Croissants as snacks [plain, almond or chocolate]. Friendly Barrista Awan will look after you.