Real Balinese cuisine!

Tulen is different. Many restaurants in Bali offer ‘Balinese’ cuisine. More often than not they are general Indonesian dishes rather than Balinese. Not at Tulen where classic local dishes are served in the most relaxing of surroundings, The seating is mostly along a covered terrace within landscaped gardens. This hidden jewel up in Junjunkan on Jln. Sri Wedari, just above the Ubud Royal Palace also offers a few non Balinese dishes, to suit every taste in a group, but even these often have a local touch. Start with cold dishes Lawat Bebek [finely diced duck meat tossed with vegetables and grated coconut] or Ayam Mesisit{smoked chicken, sambal matah and fried shallots]. Warm starters can be Mekuah be Pasih [red snapper fish soup with kemangi leaves] or Soto Kambing [goat shank soup with fresh daikon]. Mains can be a very unique Octopus Rendang [slow cooked octopus with rendang spices in coconut cream, served with turmeric rice] or Babi Tulen [roasted crispy skin pork belly, basa gede, cassava leaves, purple cassava mash]. For the non Balinese there is an Indian Platter [a vegetarian Madras curry, palak paneer, chana masala, paratha] or a Thai Red Chicken Curry [boneless chicken thighs, bamboo shoots, Thai eggplants, oyster mushrooms, fresh coriander]. To finish a Tamarillo Durian [poached tamarillo, cinnamon, homemade durian ice cream