Name change in Canggu!

Warung Dandelion had won the ha5rd fight and made it in the difficult Canguu area. Now, for some rreason I know mot why, thet have decided to chsnge its name, soon to be caked Casa Tua. Same management, same staff, same menu, and still wuth all those friendly rabbits running around waiting for you to pat and feed them. It is sited in an old Joglo house on Jln. Batu Bolong. No it is not a trendy new bistro, rather it is a simple place that serves very basic local cuisine, budget-priced, very well and with fun. The menu consists of all those favourite local dishes; spring rolls, corn fritters [perkedel jagung], soft coconut curries and meats wrapped in banana leaf, slowly cooked so they remain moist and tender. Tourists think they are eating Balinese when in reality, as almost everywhere else in Bali, it is mostly general Indonesian. This place has an unusual and very welcome ambience missing not only in other warungs but. sadly, from  so many up-market and expensive Bali restaurants. This should not be surprising as their very charismatic owner, Yunus, has a pedigree that explains all. He ‘cut his teeth’ at Café Warisan 18 years ago at a time that the world first sat up and noticed that place, then his intro to American service levels, but still with that Bali smile, was at the original Hard Rock when it was in Jln Legian and he was one of the few selected to make the move to its current location. The essential cruise ship experiences followed and he is now doing his own thing in Canggu, and doing it very well. Simple food that is tasty, cheap and served with a smile, what more could you ask for?