Home made Pasta!

Massimo has always been different. When his menu says ‘home made’ they really mean it. ‘Home made’ has always appeared to me to be very overused words in Bali whenever describing the pasta of the house or the gelato, they never tell you in whose home it wa actually made? At Massimo’s on Jln Tamblingan, in Sanur, all is home made whether it be the pasta, gelato, Italian bread, Italian cheese or the latest addition, semifredo. Dine there at lunch time and sit towards the end near the cashier’s desk and you will see the long pasta table with staff hand preparing all of the pastas. I have sat there and watched, intrigued, on many occasions. The affable Massimo will always stop in passing to explain the procedures. Pasta available here covers the full range plus the stranger and more unusual pastas of his home territory, Lecce. There are also many non-pasta Lecce dishes on the menu as well. Whatever you order do not foeget to finish with some of his magical semifredo, it is an experience not to be missed.

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