Fish, but no chips!

Fish Bone Local is a rarity in Bali, a specialty seafood restaurant. It is under the same Australian management as the nearby Mason, and is of the same similar design, just a large barn-like space. Checking out most restaurants often begins with testing the cheapest dishes, it all begins there. For a seafood restaurant that has to be the good old Fish & Chips. Fish Bone offers Beer Battered Fish but no chips. The fish is three cylindrical fingers of OK fish in a nice light batter casing with a large dip of tartare sauce. Instead of chips they offer Chat Potatoes, which were burnt, dry and rather boring. No doubt they think that they are trendier? What is wrong with old fashioned hand-cut potato chips [call them French fries if you must]? Some places try too hard to be different when what most people want is what they are used to, comfort food.