A Chinese noodle house

Hongalia is a classy Chinese noodle house. It is found next to the main entrance to Arma Museum, Jln. Jatayu, Pengosekan, Ubud. They actually make theor own noodles, something that is noemally only done in high quality Chinese restaurants, On offer is both Kwetiau [rice noodles] and Bakmie [wheat noodles], their Noodle curry dishes are a speacialty and can be had with beef, shrimp, tofu, chicken or pork ribs, all of which have cabbage and potato added in coconut milk. They alos offer a range of dim sum as well as the Japanese gyoza. The popular Bakmie Chicken Mix Chasio Special combines chasio [pork] with chicken, dumplings and vegetables in a broth [pictured]. The main drinks are a range of hot and cold teas; lemon, ginger, lemongrass, green, lychee, and apple.