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Yut'z Place.....

Lo's Warung has moved!

No doubt it was probably 'contract problems' that destroyed yet another successful foreign-owned business in Bali. Lo's Warung, in Legian, closed down last year and I had been missing those good old-fashioned Swiss-German meals for many months when I espied Yut'z Place, almost directly across from the old site.

Yes, the management crossed over the road! Many of our old favourites from Lo's are on the menu at Yut'z Place. Plus there are a few interesting new ones as well.

How hard it is to find a good breakfast in Bali? Even many of the highly priced offerings at the leading hotels leave a lot to be desired. Well, look no further! Breakfast Danny comprises Fruit Juice, Eggs, Bacon/Ham or Beef Sausages, Toast, Butter & Jam, Tea/Coffee, all for Rp.20,000 [fully inclusive!]. Sure, almost sitting on the footpath watching the traffic go by is not everyone's perfect location for breakfast?. BUT if you want value?

And to think that friends of mine recently paid $US12.50 [+ 21 ½%] for breakfast, over Christmas, at a supposed leading 5 star hotel, consisting of greasy eggs on cold powdery toast, with a pair of the smallest and most tasteless sausages you have ever seen [when are they going to wake up that the 'Goose isn't laying any more Golden Eggs'?].

If you want a breakfast with a difference, then try the Swiss Rosti version [with 2 eggs, and bacon/onion or ham/cheese]. How nice to have Swiss Rosti prepared properly, unlike some of the atrocious attempts elsewhere, a small fry pan size of grated potato, simply browned to a crisp, top and bottom.

The appetizers at Yut'z Place are designed as real finger food. Enjoy them as an entrée or whilst lingering over a drink or two. A Selection of Canapes include smoked marlin, Bali salmon, cheese, ham, salami and other cold cuts. Deep-fried Champignons, Hungarian Potatoes [stuffed with ham and sour cream] are other choices. Chicken Wings come with your choice of sauce: Paysanne, Provencale or Rosematy. A Chigichik Salad is a mixed one with slices of chicken breast. There is also a Meatloaf Salad for those who find the main course Meatloaf, not enough!

This cuisine would never be complete without a thick, meaty Goulash Soup. If we ever experience a cold night in Bali, then head straight for here, it is tremendous!

The best Cold Plate is a Smoked Fish Platter; smoked marlin and smoked salmon with toasted bread, butter and a fiery horseradish sauce.

There is a large variety of sausages: St. Galler Bratwurst, Beef Chorizo, Nuremberg [chicken or pork] and an unusual curry sausage.

Indonesian selections include a Curry Bami Goreng [noodles with chicken and mushrooms], Sweet & Sour Shrimps and a Chicken and Chilli.

But it is for the main meat courses that most regulars come to Yut'z Place to feast on! The wonderful Smoked Chicken Breast, stuffed with mushrooms, with its trademark fist of long beans tied with bacon will satisfy any hunger! The Fried Meatloaf, topped with an egg and doused in an onion sauce, has long been one of my favourite meals. How amazed I was to find it available in Bali, then I thought I had lost it, but now it has been found once more!

Geschnetzeltes, an all-time Swiss special of a stir-fried mixture of sliced beef [normally veal but impractical in Bali] and mushrooms is excellent. Normally presented in a cream sauce [another constant supply problem in Bali], At Yut'z they avoid serving something second rate and change from the traditional sauce. Of course on the side of the plate is a perfect round slab of rosti! I think I will return tonight and order it one more time!

Pork Medallions are served with a mustard sauce, an excellent Beefsteak with herb butter. If meat is not for you, then the Prawn Cutlets are also great!

With any of the main courses you are able to select your own side offering. Pride of place is the Potatoes. They are served in eight different styles [boiled, rosemary, pan fried, mashed, French fries, Yut'z fries [wedges], rosti or as a salad] are the most common selection. Spatzle, pan-fried Maccaroni or Polenta are also available as alternatives.

Whilst many favourite dishes came across from Lo's to Yut'z so did the waitress. Make sure you order your potato selection very carefully because listening is not one of their strong points, and do not expect an apology if your order is stuffed up. But for this food, and at these prices, I will put up with the rough service anytime.

A short, but adequate wine list [both local and Australian] at extremely reasonable prices [including very sensible half bottles of Wine of the Gods, for Rp.60,000], completes a perfect value meal.

Desserts are basic, but for me I never have room for anything else after the enormous mains!

Yut'z is one of Bali's Best Cheap Eats for any 'meat lover', and that includes me, and most of my friends! Not just good value, but excellent quality as well!

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Yut'z Place
Jln. Werkudara 521,
8.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. [closed Mondays]
Street only.
Rp.150,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- None
Swiss German
Cheap Local/Australian
Just a place to eat!
For all those hungry meat lovers.
Last Reviewed:
April 2003
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