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Jazz Bar & Grille.....

All that Jazz!

Some people want to eat in a silent room, but most prefer quiet background music. Others thrive on live entertainment. For my part, I prefer the quiet background music, whilst eating, with the entertainment to follow.

Whatever you prefer, it is available at the Jazz Bar & Grille, in Sanur. During the day it is quiet, early evening carefully selected discs are played, and after 9.00 p.m., every evening [10.00 p.m. Thursdays-Saturdays], live jazz for all those devotees.

You can eat Cajun food prior to a bit of Creole Jazz! Or just sip your drinks and enjoy the finger food throughout the performance. The Jazz Bar & Grille does a pretty good job in their attempt to cater for everybody.

Black ?N? White Tuna, is Cajun seared yellowfin tuna, served sashimi style with a dip of dijon and soy, sautéed bell peppers on the side. The Vegetarian Spring Rolls are nice and crunchy, and come with a sweet chilli sauce. Chicken on Sugarcane is a mixture of minced chicken, herbs and spices, liberally wrapped around sugarcane sticks. They are served with a nice spicy sweet and sour sauce for dipping.

Buffalo Chicken Wings are a combination of chicken wings and drumlets, cooked in a coating of their special buffalo sauce, and accompanied by a pile of carrot and celery sticks and a blue cheese sauce. You could just keep on nibbling at this dish, forever!

The Crab Cakes are served with a sesame and ginger sauce. Coco Battered Prawns are king prawns, shelled other than for a tail for holding, that have been dipped in a mixture of coconut batter and bread crumbs, before deep-frying. A spicy chilli sauce finishes them off, rather well.

Chicken and Shrimp Taquitos are a duo of corn tortillas, served with a ?western? sauce. Seafood Kebabs consist of scallop, prawn, snapper, onions, green peppers and red chilli, all marinated, before cooking, in a mixture of olive oil, lime juice and fresh herbs.

Almost all of these dishes qualify as real finger [or fork] food, and can be enjoyed as a part of a meal, a combination of them all as a meal, or just for snacking during the live jazz performance later in the evening. For the cost of the various dishes, the servings are quite considerable. If you cannot decide what to order, then settle for the Appetizer Plate, with pieces of Cajun tuna, a crab cake and some fried squid rings.

For soups, a choice of that Thai favourite, Tom Yam Kung [prawns in a hot and sour broth], or a southern-style Corn Chowder straight from New Orleans. For salads, you can have a traditional Caesar, or a rather exotic Gorgonzola Salad [romaine lettuce, tossed with slices of green apple, walnuts and gorgonzola cheese, in a Dijon mustard vinaigrette].

The mains are typical of America?s south, but also come from just about everywhere else. Chicken Enchilladas arrive with Mexican rice, refried beans and coleslaw. Or you can order a Chicken that has been grilled on a rotisserie.

The Mongolian Lamb Chops are imported, although still a bit rugged, and have been marinated in hoi sin sauce and fresh mint, a sensational combination. They come with fried potatoes and vegetables, as do the Char-broiled Steaks. You can select from a Rib Eye or Tenderloin, both imported from Australia, and have it served with either cracked peppercorns or in a brandy cream sauce.

Imported U.S. Beef Ribs are barbecued after your choice of marination. If you select the Korean-style Kal Bi marinade, the ribs will come with kim chee [chilli cabbage] and rice. The other alternative is a ?Texas Style? marination, in which case you finish up with French fries, and grilled vegetables.

A Jungle Salmon is a slab of grilled salmon in a Thai red curry paste, with pesto fettuccine. The San Francisco Seafood Stew is served Cachuco-style. Assorted shellfish and red snapper are simmered in a garlic tomato sauce, then served with pasta and garlic bread.

A Grilled Tuna Steak is served on a sesame and ginger sauce, and the steak is topped with a slab of wasabe butter. The fillet of Grilled Snapper is marinated in olive oil and limejuice before grilling. It comes with a papaya and onion salsa. A Whole Red Snapper ?Jimbaran? has been grilled and is served with sambals, steamed rice and a salad of fresh tomatoes.

To cater for all that snacking, during the performances, a selection of other pastas and pizzas are also available. As are two way-out sandwiches [an Italian Meat-ball, or a Kahuna Terryaki Burger]. More normal snack meals include burgers, and a Cheese Steak Sandwich.

Desserts are rather basic, although they do include a Pecan Pie. The wine list is surprisingly quite poor, but available by the glass. Service is very friendly, but still quite professional. All in all, the Jazz Bar & Grille provides a great evening?s entertainment, and again something very different for Bali!

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Jazz Bar & Grille
Jln. Bypass Ngurah Rai,
11.00 2.00 a.m., daily.
Secure, off road in building complex.
Rp. 280,000 for two [+ drinks].
Credit Cards:
- Amex
- Diners
- MC
- Visa
Limited, by bottle and glass.
Surprisingly good.
Good food, fun night, good prices!
Last Reviewed:
March 2002..
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