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Bamboo Bar.....

Tapas by the sea!

Sanur has never had it so good! There are many new hotels opening and even the older ones are being re-furbished and adding new ideas.

One of the originals was Sanur Beach Hotel, now re-branded as Prama Sanur Beach with many changes already and there are more to come. A big surprise was their eco-friendly all bamboo, Bamboo Bar. What a brilliant design! 5 levels, from ?on the sand? at front through covered terrace [the smoking areas], just inside bar are a line of chairs at the rail looking out. Behind the bar are unique and romantic swinging basket cages for two, behind that are a row of comfortable booths. All sections are on slightly different levels so everyone has the full ocean view. Such a simple solution, why have not all the others done something similar?

The range of drinks [it is primarily a bar], cocktails, beers and spirits is very extensive, and surprisingly at very reasonable prices, in fact for a hotel such as this to charge less than many leading restaurants is extremely surprising and very welcome.

However it is mainly the available food that we are interested in here. The day begins at 11.00 a.m. with their Bar Bites and wood-fired Pizzas. The Tapas kick in from mid afternoon [3.00 p.m. onwards] and an ?a la carte? menu, via the blackboard, is available all day.

Bar food is meant to be finger food to be enjoyed whilst sipping your favourite tipple. At Bamboo Bar this is done whilst gazing out over the blue ocean. You will think you are on holidays, even if you are not!

Bar Bites include Tortilla Spring Rolls [vegetables, mozzarella and guacamole], Bruschetta [prawns, tomato, shallot and garlic all diced and combined with balsamic and olive oil spread on slices of French baguette] and excellent Quesadillas, 4 quarters folded over minced chicken and onion with cheese and sliced champignons, a pile of guacamole on the side.

The Tapas are really good=sized snacks, top of the list are the Breaded Chicken Fingers [pictured], nicely deep-fried to a crisp, served in a basket with coriander mayonnaise dip, they type of snack that you can just keep on eating ?one more?! Nachos are corn tortilla chips with minced beef, jalapenos, tomato salsa, guacamole and sour cream, topped with melted cheddar cheese. Standard bar snacks include Calamari Rings [mayonnaise dip], Spicy Potato Wedges and a bowl of French Fries that are served with 3 sauces; tomato, chilli and mayonnaise.

Pizzas come from the wood-fired oven next door to the bar. Standard Italian fare with Margherita, Puttanesca [anchovy, Kalamata olives, red onion, chilli pepper flakes and pepperoni], Quattro Formaggi [4 cheeses; Parmesan, mozzarella, blue and asiago], Quattro Stagioni [mushroom, ham, artichoke and salami], Al Tonno [tuna flakes, onion and black olives], Frutti di Mare [seafood] and the folded Calzone [egg, tomato and oregano]. The Vegetarian offering is covered with a mix of same. All the pizzas are thin and crisp, and served hot from the oven. Very different are the Norwegian [smoked salmon, sour cream, onions, capers and dill] and Tyrolean [prosciutto ham, blue cheese, rucola and truffle oil]. For visiting Australians what they call a Hawaiian is the Tropicana, topped with ham and pineapple with a sprinkle of oregano.

There is also an a la carte menu on the blackboards. I was amazed at the serving of Snapper. A sizeable fillet, perfectly grilled, covered with a tomato salsa, with sautéed baby potatoes [cooked in their skin, the healthiest way to eat potatoes as the highest concentration of fibre is found just under the skin], and a couple of asparagus ears. An excellent main course at the incredible bargain price of only Rp.65,000++. To find this value in a leading hotel is really amazing, much cheaper than many outside restaurants, no wonder all the guests at Prama Sanur Beach tend to stay in to eat [and also the reason why so many guests visit from nearby hotels].

Other mains include a 130gm Steak, Sirloin from the Black Angus, topped with herb butter, BBQ pork Spare Ribs, Beef Burger [with streaky bacon, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, cheese and truffle oil] and the American invention of Surf and Turf, a grilled tenderloin of beef served with prawns. One of the most popular dishes in Bali seems to be the basic Cordon Bleu, crumbed chicken stuffed with ham and cheese. Very good here too!

All the little things, even a Cigar Menu [5 imported cigars, also reasonably priced, a Romeo y Julietta for Rp.125,000]. They can be smoked on the outside covered terrace or at the beachfront.

What a place to spend a lazy afternoon!

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Bamboo Bar
Prama Sanur Beach Hotel
Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sanur.
11.00 a.m. to 12.00 midnight.
Secure, in hotel grounds.
Rp. 300,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- All Major
Small list.
Friensly, efficient.
Salt and sea breeze.
Amazing design, and value!
Last Reviewed:
October 2015
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