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The Grill.....

Style on the coast!

The Grill is one of the newest restaurants up on the Amed strip of Bali?s eastern coast. Not actually at Amed but the many fishing villages and bays south from Amed are all still generally referred to as Amed, even though they are not.

The Grill is found at the junction of where the road climbs the hill to Bunutan and the road to Bangle where was once for a short time, Warung Mangga, 5 km south of Amed proper.

The Grill is under western management with an emphasis on fresh organic food. All the meats and seafood are grilled on an open grill at the front of the restaurant, often pre-marinated. Whilst there are many restaurants and small warungs in this area almost all of them serve local style Indonesian Chinese and Balinese dishes, The Grill is one of the few where standard International dishes are available.

Offerings are wildly different from elsewhere in the area. Entrees of homemade dips of Beetroot, Hummus, and Feta with black olives and sun-dried tomatoes (all served with their homemade flat bread), Beef Tataki & Onion Ponza (tenderloin steak seared and thinly sliced served with onion ponza, spring onions and chives, topped with roasted garlic] or a Tuna Tataki & Ginger Ponza, Indian spiced Chicken Kebabs [juicy chicken pieces] and for the health conscious, Chickpea, Feta and Carrot Fritters which are the simplest of all and is often the case incredibly good. The fritters are served with a Thai sweet chilli sauce as are the Thai Fish Cakes, which are not the original rubbery Tod Man Pla but very good fish patties, topped with crushed toasted nuts, a liberal addition of Thai spices justifies the name. They even come with the correct cucumber relish.

All the sauces and dips served at The Grill come from the kitchen not a bottle. If a small place in Amed can do it right why can't the many up-market places in the south, where even a Chinese restaurant in a famous 5 star hotel has the hide to serve hoisin sauce from the bottle!

Pizzas are small [and cheap] plate size divided into quarters, unusually they use Parmesan [with fresh tomatoes and pesto] or feta [with roasted aubergine and fresh basil] as the cheese base, different! For the pizza base they use their own flatbread rather than the usual pastry.

For that anytime snack the wraps [they even make the flatbread for the wrap themselves] are very popular. Chicken Sharwama & Mint Yogurt, Falafel, Salad & Hummus or Grilled Fish & Salad with Ginger Lime Aioli are some of the options. Burgers and Sausages are there as well, the Piri-Piri Chicken Burger is very popular.

The Grill is famous for its fresh salads, two of their creations are; Pesto Prawn Salad (grilled prawns marinated in lime & tossed in pesto sauce and served on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes) and Vietnamese Chicken Salad (grilled pieces of chicken shredded into sliced cabbage and carrot salad with a coriander, lime & mint dressing topped with nuts).

Eating fish when in Amed, or any other fishing village, is one of the prime reasons for coming there. Straight from fishing boat to kitchen, kept fresh packed in ice, never frozen, is the norm. The only exception is when the seas dare wild and the fish five deep and the fishermen stay home, then you eat something else. Fresh fish, simply grilled, is perfect! The varieties purely depending on what had been caught. That awful 'Today's Fresh Catch' so often adorning menus in the south [really meaning via the freezer for so many days] is missing here, just fish as it was meant to be eaten.

Fish is served with your choice of sauces; ginger & lime, tartar, lime & parsley butter or a Balinese sambal, hot and spicy. You can order Mahi-Mahi wrapped in banana leaf after being marinated with ginger, lime, lemongrass and fresh coriander, or it can be Cajun style, rubbed with dry spices then grilled with butter.

Other mains include Sesame Crusted Tuna with Wasabi Aioli, Baby Back Ribs [Pork], Chicken [Moroccan Chermoula Chicken (chicken breast marinated in middle eastern spices, lemon juice & fresh parsley for 24 hours, with yogurt and mint sauce] and Beef [Tenderloin with chimichurri sauce of extra virgin olive oil, green chili, fresh coriander and garlic].

Baby Back Ribs, or such a menu item, appear on hundreds of Bali menus, the 'baby' sadly similar to the use of 'organic', being in name only. Most ribs served elsewhere are so big they must have come from a 200kg 'baby' pig. Ribs must be eaten with the hands! It is a hackneyed phrase that the meat falls away from the bone but at The Grill it is even difficult to eat them with your hands, the ribs long and thin [pictured], definitely from a 'baby'. The meat [virtually zero fat, just tender meat] actually does keep falling off, so tender from the 48 hour marinade but still full of taste [not boiled away as some do] and then served with a great tangy BBQ sauce, they are worth the visit alone!

The highlight of the desserts is their Sticky Date Pudding with butterscotch sauce. Or you can have a slice; coconut & lime or warm banana & raisin.

The Grill adds a new dimension to the dining options on Bali?s popular east coast. It is great value at a relaxing venue for those who want something different from the local warung style, a classy alternative!

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The Grill
(363) 23.530
11.00 a.m. to 10.30 p.m., daily.
Street only.
Rp. 300,000 for two [+ drinnks]
Credit Cards:
- Mastercard
- Visa
Limited list.
Friendly. Amed style.
Relaxed eating.
Different, great value!
Last Reviewed:
November 2014
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