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Baan Bua.....

Thai Streetfood!

Baan Bua has replaced what was Warung Mie at The Four Seasons, Jimbaran Bay, with a complete renovation. A communal table for 20 or so stretches across in front of the open kitchen for those who like thgsi style of dining, one that I detest but some people seem to like it. However there are normal small tables both on the covered terrace and in the garden forecourt,

It is located 200 metres to the right of the lobby at The Four Seasons Resort. Thai street food but processed via a modern hygienic kitchen, with the flavours only slightly toned down to reflect the taste of North America. Sadly understandable for an International 5 star resort, but in this case enough flavour remains to make it interesting. The serves are small, encouraging the ordering of a number to share, thus enjoying a variety of tastes.

The starters are real Thai street food, the snacks you can enjoy any hour of the day wandering around Bangkok. Peak Gai Thord are fried chicken wings, you can see them piled up on the many stainless steel and aluminum stands along Silom any day of the week. Much more hygienic eating them here.

Larb Moo is an Isaan dish [north-eatern Thailand] of minced pork in a slightly sour salad. Yum Nua Yang is on many Bali menus, but is rarely close to the original. Translated here as Spicy Grilled Beef Salad it is thin strips of warm marinated beef tossed with long thin slices of fresh cold cucumber, bamboo shoots, crushed peanuts and a slight touch of chilli. Baan Bua just about gets it right. Kuey Tiew Lord is an import from China as are many of today's Thai dishes [most of which the Thais have greatly improved on] just a vegetarian noodle dish but presented in rolls with cashew nuts and sweet chilli sauce for dipping. Goong Sarong are crispy Shrimps wrapped in egg noodles, a Chinese style plum sauce for dipping, very good.

There are two very famous Thai soups and both are on the menu here. Tom Yum Goong is the spicy prawn soup, hot and sour, whilst the Tom Kha Gai is an ambrosial chicken soup with galangal in coconut milk, with roasted chilli jam, a new twist. The former is the best known but the latter is one of my favourite soups.

Massaman Nua is one of the great Thai curries, this one from Thailand's muslim south, braised short ribs of beef in this case but often done with chicken. Massaman shocks most first tryers expecting all Thai curries to be fiery, which they are not. Massaman is best described as luscious. Gaeng Pad Ped Yang is one of Thailand's most recognizable dishes, a Red Curry with BBQ Duck and fresh tropical fruits.

Gaeng Pha Gai is about as hot as it gets at Baan Bua. What they call a Jungle Style Curry with Chicken and Torch Ginger is mild but the flavors are well balanced. Pad Kapraow Moo is grandmother's favourite in Thailand when visited by offspring. The standard greeting of Kin Khao or 'have you taken rice' is always followed by the preparation and presentation of this dish regardless of the answer! Minced pork pan fried with fresh basil, often with deep fried basil leaves sprinkled on top. An old favourite, done well.

Seafood begins with Pla Nueng Manoaw, Barramundi Fillet that has been steamed and is served with chili and lime sauce. Pad Chayote is wok fried Chayote with garlic and chili and Pad Thai needs no introduction, the famous Thai noodle dish, wok-fried with shrimps, cashew nuts and tamarind sauce.

Desserts include Tub Tim Grob, crisp water chestnuts in sweet coconut milk and crushed ice, Por Pia Gloi are banana spring rolls with coconut ice cream. Buan Tua Dum - Black Bean Simmered In Sweet Coconut Milk with Pandanus Leaf essence. Kaow Niew Mamueng is another famous Thai dish, sticky rice with fresh mango fruit and sesame.

Apart from the Thai menu, the main reason for visiting Baan Bua, there are two other small menus. The strangely named Menu for Young Adults just offer a standard variety of local Indonesian dishes and the Children's Menu [restricted to those Under 8 years of age!] offers mini plates of non spicy food.

All in all the food is good, tasty, and served in one of Bali?s most pleasant locations, and a big improvement over the previous noodle café..

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Baan Bua
Four Seasons Resort.
Jimbaran Bay.
Dinner only, from 6,00 p.m., daily.
Secure in hotel grounds
Rp. 1,200,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- Amex
- Diners
- Mastercard
- Visa
That streetfood
Medium lst.
Seaside, relaxing.
Streetfood but top level.
Last Reviewed:
January 2013
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