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The Proud Peacock!

Open early for breakfast and how many times did I search for a real breakfast in this area during the 1990's! Pavone offers all those nice breakfast things whether you are after healthy [Muesli, Fruit and Whole Grain Toast] the 'basic' of bacon and eggs or the more exotic egg variety, poached on English muffins topped with hollandaise. Back in the 90?s the eggs were pot luck, usually a dry rubbery mass of yellow and white, you always asked for the bacon very crispy as you had to break it, cutting with a knife was impossible, and as for the white toast, touch it and it crumbles!

Thinking back to that era, which was not that long ago, and looking at Pavone makes you realize just how far Bali has progressed with the restaurants now available, and amazingly at all different price levels. Pavone even offers a Kid's Breakfast [a smaller portion of scrambled eggs on toast with baked beans] unheard of back then!

Pavone is open all day for snacking and light meals, the heavier stuff coming with the dinner menu.

Lunch time is Salads, Sandwiches and Pasta, of course, as well as that universal Burger [chicken or beef & bacon]. A very Aussie Steak Sandwich is given an International touch with a red wine mayonnaise, arugula and caramelized onions, whilst the English Fish and Chips takes on an Aussie flavour with the fish being deep-fried in a beer batter. Other seafood offerings include Prawns grilled with just olive oil and garlic, Fish Fillet with a peach salsa and a Medley of fish, prawns and calamari.

When in a snacking mood there is also an all day Tapas menu. Cubes of Pork in sweet chilli, Sicilian style Stuffed Eggplant, Tuna in Thyme, Chicken Fingers with basil and pan-fried Prawns in a spicy tomato salsa. The Kids are not forgotten during the day either with their special portion of Chicken Strips and Fries.

Dinner at Pavone still caters for all, simple or upmarket, budget or celebratory. The Stir-fried King Prawns [garlic, onion and chilli] come with garlic bread, Crumbed Calamari with chilli mayonnaise and the Steamed Prawns tossed with baby potatoes in a rucola salad all highlight a local seafood menu that also includes Grill Fish Fillets of Mahi-Mahi [with tomato, shallots, coriander, preserved lemon and olive oil] or Tuna [lime and olive oil].

For those looking for a light meal [and those wanting hearty entrees] there is a range of pastas that you would expect in any restaurant calling itself Italian. A Marinara of fish, prawn and calamari in white wine sauce. The Gnocchi can be simple, with basil pesto, or more substantial with the potato gnocchi flavoured with herbs and served with a beef ragout. Saffron Tagliatelle is combined with prawns, the Spaghetti in many forms and the Risotto with Portobello and button mushrooms, tomato confit and asparagus.

A refreshing salad is their Tuna, highgrade fillet tossed with boiled quail eggs, capers, mint and basil, drizzled with red wine vinegar. Greek, Seafood and Caesar are also available.

There are other seafood dishes amongst the mains such as just seared Tasmanian Salmon, although the accent moves more towards meat as demanded by this local market of suburban Austrtalians. The Char-grilled Lamb Cutlets [3 of them], all the way from OZ, are with a coulis of mint and lemon and Cajun potato wedges. The earthiness of the cutlets is a reminder of many Sunday backyard barbeques, enough to make any true blue Ausssie homesick!

Greek style Pork Tenderloin has been pan-fried and is served in small overlapping slices topped with a very Mediterranean mix of capers, tomato, oregano, bay leaves and herbs and a touch of chilli. It is refreshingly different. The Rump Steak is in a peppercorn sauce, Tenderloin in herb butter and for those who want to have an each-way bet; that American import, the Surf & Turf; at Pavone it is Aussie tenderloin and local prawns.

Pan-fried Chicken is done Milanese style, the lightly dusted fillet being shallow fried, an Asian touch is the Green Curry Chicken whilst the Pavone special is their Roasted Stuffed Chicken; a spring chicken [500 gm] stuffed with pine nuts, raisins and herbs, served with risotto, big enough to share.

Pavone, a tribute to the exotically coloured feathers of a peacock, sits happily in between the local warungs and their tourist menus and the often over-priced seaside establishments where location rather than food standard drives the prices. Legian in general, and Padma Utara in particular, have always been the haunt of the Australian suburban family unit. Now they can dine locally with a bit of class without breaking the bank!

The final touch is a grand piano on the side, producing pleasant background music every night, nostalgic tunes everyone remembers. On alternate nights a violinist accompanies the pianist. Live music that does not deafen you, and adds that little bit of class to a relaxing evening.

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Jln. Padma Utara 4,
7.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m., daily.
In hotel grounds.
Rp. 500,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- Mastercard
- Visa
Small list, moderately priced.
Eager to please.
A happy dining room.
Good quality/value for this area.
Last Reviewed:
November 2011
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